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      Help in Economics Assignment

Assignments accepted for all subjects taught in all school grades or classes

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Budgets
2 Car Shopping
3 Civil War Andersonville prison
4 Competition Works in Our Flavor
5 Consumer Credit: Buy Now, Pay Later, and More.
6 Debts
7 Demand and Supply On-line
8 Earth Day - Hooray!
9 Economic decision-making 
10 Economic Spotter: Supply and Demand at the Gold Rush
11 Entrepreneurship/innovation
12 Exchange and money
13 Folding Our Way to Productivity
14 General economic resources
15 Give and Take
16 Goods and services
17 Homer Price (the Doughnuts)
18 How can business make money from tariffs?
19 How can entrepreneurs control costs?
20 How has the Constitution shaped the economy in the U.S.?
21 I have no money; will you take wampam?
22 If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
23 Interest rate
24 Investment
25 Is the Tassle worth the Hassle?
26 Jobs: Who Needs 'Em?
27 Lean on Me - We Depend on Each Other
28 Lemon Squeeze - The Lemonade Stand
29 Lesson
30 Limiting trade
31 M and M Interesting
32 Market failures
33 Money supply 
34 Mystery Workers
35 Opportunity costs and trade-offs
36 Places and production
37 Popcorn Economics
38 Production and consumption
39 Prohibition Then; MADD Today
40 Role of government
41 Saturday Sancocho
42 Savings
43 Scarcity and choice
44 Supply and demand
45 The ABCs of Saving
46 The Best Deal
47 The Colonial Workers Web
48 The Goat in the Rug
49 The Mystery of the Amazing Farmers
50 The Real McCoy
51 The Story of Jack and the Bank Stalk
52 Those Golden Jeans
53 To Market To Market
54 Understanding Exchange Rates
55 Unemployment
56 What are the economic functions of government?
57 What is a stock, or who owns McDonald's?
58 When They Want Blueberries
59 Where Did You Come From?
60 Why Do I Want All This Stuff?
61 Why Nations Trade
62 Why We Save
63 Others