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     Help in Accounts, Business studies and Commerce Assignment

Assignments accepted for all subjects taught in all school grades or classes

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Accounting Cycle
2 Accounting Essentials
3 Accounting for a Small Business
4 Accounting Practices
5 Accounting Practices for Assets
6 Advanced Accounting Practices
7 Applications Software
8 Benefits of a Venture Plan
9 Business Communications
10 Business Fundamentals
11 Business Leadership
12 Business Leadership: Becoming a Manager
13 Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
14 Business, Trade, and the Economy
15 Changing Nature of the Workplace
16 Conducting International Business
17 Decision Making, Ethics, and Careers
18 Design Software
19 Developing a Venture Plan
20 Developing and Completing a Venture Plan for the Proposed Business
21 Digital Literacy
22 E-Business
23 Electronic Business Environment
24 Electronic Communications
25 Electronic Communications and Teamwork
26 Electronic Workplace Environment
27 Enterprising Experience: Planning and Organizing an Event
28 Enterprising People and Entrepreneurs
29 Enterprising Skills
30 Entrepreneurship
31 Entrepreneurship and the Enterprising Employee
32 Entrepreneurship: The Enterprising Person
33 Entrepreneurship: The Venture
34 Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age
35 Ethical Issues, Budgets, and Business Expansion
36 Ethics and Issues in Information and Communication Technology
37 Ethics, Impact of Technology, and Careers
38 Factors Influencing Success in International Markets
39 Finance
40 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
41 Financial Accounting Principles
42 Financial Analysis and Decision Making
43 Fixed Assets, Payroll, and Income Tax
44 Foundations of Management
45 Functions of a Business
46 Fundamental Accounting Practices
47 Fundamentals of Accounting for Business
48 Global Environment for Business
49 Human Resource Management
50 Ideas and Opportunities for New Ventures
51 Information and Communication Technology
52 Information and Communication Technology Ethics and Issues
53 Information and Communication Technology in Business
54 Information and Communication Technology in the Workplace
55 Information and Communication Technology: Multimedia Solutions
56 Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment
57 Internal Control, Banking, and Computerized Accounting
58 Internal Control, Financial Analysis, and Decision Making
59 International Business
60 International Business Essentials
61 International Business Fundamentals
62 International Careers and Skills
63 International Markets
64 Leadership
65 Leading
66 Management Challenges
67 Marketing
68 Marketing Challenges and Approaches, and Distribution
69 Marketing for Success in the Retail and Service Sectors
70 Marketing Fundamentals
71 Marketing Fundamentals
72 Marketing Mix
73 Marketing Plan
74 Marketing: Goods, Services, Events
75 Operations Management
76 Organizing
77 Partnerships and Corporations
78 Planning and Controlling
79 Preparation for Employment
80 Preparing for Start-up
81 Productivity Software
82 Project Management
83 Retail and Service Operations
84 Role of the Manager
85 Service and Merchandising Businesses
86 Targeting Customers
87 Trends in Marketing
88 Trends in Retail and Service Marketing
89 Venture Concept
90 Working in International Markets
91 Others