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     Help in Law Assignment

     Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Administrative Law
2 Administrative Reforms and New Public Management
3 Air and Space Law
4 Banking and Insurance Laws
5 Business Laws and Negotiable Instruments Act
6 Citizenship: Challenges of Theory and Practice
7 Civil Procedure Code
8 Comparative Law
9 Constitutional Law
10 Contemporary Issues in Development
11 Corporate Law
12 Criminal Procedure Code
13 Criminology
14 Development Ethics
15 District Planning and Implementation Process
16 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
17 Economic offences
18 Economics
19 Economics and Ethics
20 Election Law
21 Enculturing Law
22 English and Legal Language
23 Environmental Governance
24 Environmental Law
25 Family Law
26 Global Governance
27 History, Politics, and Ethics of Reparation
28 Restitution and Reconciliation
29 Indirect Taxes
30 Institutional Economics
31 Intellectual Property Law
32 International Economic Institutions
33 International Economic Law
34 International Law and Human Rights
35 International Refugee Law
36 International Trade Law
37 Interpretation of Statutes
38 Investment and Security Laws
39 Jurisprudence
40 Labor Laws
41 Land Laws
42 Law and Economics
43 Law and Emerging Technology
44 Law and Medicine
45 Law of arbitration and conciliation
46 Law of Contract
47 Law of Crimes
48 Law of Evidence
49 Law, Constitutionalism and Political Theory
50 Law, Governance and Violence: Gendered Perspectives
51 Law, Poverty and Development
52 Legal Ethics and Court craft
53 Legal Method
54 Legal Reasoning and Communication Skills
55 Legal Writing and Research
56 Local Governance
57 New thinking about Institutions and Development
58 Political Anthropology in South Asia
59 Political Science
60 Politics of Development
61 Private International Law
62 Property Law
63 Regulation
64 Rent Law
65 Sociology
66 Sociology and Politics of Law
67 Taxation Law
68 The Politics of Sustainable Development
69 Thinking about Institutions
70 Torts and Consumer Protection Law
71 Urban Governance I: Definitions and Concepts
72 Urban Governance II: Using a Practical Lens
73 Women and Law
74 Others