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Help in Computer Application (BCA and MCA) Assignment

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 BCA MCA      Help in Computer Application (BCA & MCA) Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 .Net Programming
2 Artificial Intelligence
3 Basics of Physics
4 Business Communication
5 Business Economics
6 Business Organization & Management
7 Computer Architecture
8 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Applications
9 Computer network Security
10 Computer Networks
11 Computer System Architecture
12 Data Structures
13 Data Structures using C
14 Database Management System
15 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
16 Digital Electronics
17 Discrete Mathematics
18 E-Commerce
19 Financial Accounting
20 Front End Design Tools
21 Fundamentals of Information Technology
22 Internet Programming
23 Internet Technologies
24 Introduction to Information Technology
25 Java Programming & Website Design
26 Knowledge Management & New Economy
27 Linux Environnent
28 Management Information Systems
29 Math
30 Microprocessor
31 Mobile Computing
32 Object Oriented Programming
33 Operating Systems
34 Organizational Behavior
35 Programming with C
36 Software Engineering
37 Theory of Computation
38 Others