Help in Biomedical Science Assignment

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     Help in Biomedical Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Analog and Digital Communication
2 Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
3 Assist Devices
4 Biocontrol systems
5 Biofluids and Dynamics
6 Biomaterials and artificial organs
7 Biomechanics
8 Biomedical Instrumentation
9 Biochemistry
10 Circuits and Networks
11 Computer Architecture
12 Computer Networks
13 Computers in Medicine
14 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipments
15 Digital Image Processing
16 Digital Signal Processing
17 Electric Fields and machines
18 Electronic Circuits
19 Hospital Management
20 Hospital Training
21 Human Physiology
22 Intellectual Property Rights
23 Medical Imaging Techniques
24 Medical Informatics
25 Medical Optics
26 Medical Physics
27 Microprocessor and Applications
28 Neural Networks and its Application
29 Pathology and Microbiology
30 Physiological Modeling
31 Principles of Management
32 Professional Ethics and Human values
33 Radiological Equipments
34 Rapid Prototyping
35 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
36 Sensors and Measuring Techniques
37 Signals and Systems
38 Telehealth Technology
39 Total Quality Management
40 Transforms and Random Process
41 Visual Programming
42 VLSI Design
43 Others