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Help in Linguistics Assignment

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     Help in Linguistics Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Advanced Historical Linguistics
2 Advanced Syntax
3 Applied Linguistics
4 Aspects of Linguistic Behavior
5 Computational Linguistics
6 Developmental Psycholinguistics
7 Generative Phonology
8 Historical Linguistics
9 Intermediate Syntax
10 Introduction to Linguistics
11 Introductory Transformational Generative Syntax
12 Language and Education
13 Language and Mind
14 Language Planning
15 Language Testing
16 Language Typology
17 Lexicography
18 Linguistic Logic & Structural Semantics
19 Linguistic Stylistics
20 Morphology
21 Multilingualism
22 Neurolinguistics
23 Phonetics
24 Phonology
25 Second Language Acquisition
26 Semantics
27 Sociolinguistics
28 Structure of Language
29 Translation Theory and Practice
30 Others