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     Help in History Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Ancient Country 
2 Ancient Mesopotamia
3 Animals and Humans
4 Approaches to Global History
5 Asian Borderlands
6 Aspects of Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe
7 Aspects of the Post War World Britain
8 Central Asia: A History of Mongols
9 Conservation, Science and Technology
10 Cultural History of Early Urbanisms
11 Cultural Interactions in South and Southeast Asia
12 Culture, Imperialism and Knowledge: Europe and the World
13 Ecology and Empire in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
14 Emergence of Modern South Africa
15 Gender and Women in Ancient Societies
16 Gender in History
17 Historical Archaeology in Comparative Perspective
18 Historical Traditions in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
19 Historiography in the Modern West
20 History of Modern France
21 History of Political Thought
22 History, Historiography and Philosophy of Science
23 Imperial Russia
24 Imperialism and Nationalism
25 Medieval Societies: The Central Islamic Lands
26 Medieval Western Europe
27 Modern Imperialism: Conceptual and Historical Investigations
28 Modern Political-Economy: Conceptual and Historical Investigations
29 Nazism and Fascism in Europe and Asia
30 Ottoman State and Society
31 Philosophy and Methods of History
32 Revolutions and Revolutionary Thought
33 Science and Technology in Medieval Asia
34 Selected Issues in the History of Modern South-east Asia
35 Slaves, Coolies and Labor: A History of Servitude
36 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of Medieval World
37 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World
38 South-east Asian History and Anthropology
39 The Archive and History
40 The Conquest of America
41 The History of Iberia and North Africa
42 The Ottomans between the Fourteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
43 The Practice of History
44 The Soviet Union
45 Others