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 Geography      Help in Geography Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Advanced Physical Geography
2 Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS
3 Agricultural Development and Environmental Degradation
4 Agricultural Geography
5 Analytical Physical Geography
6 Bio Geography
7 Cartographic Techniques
8 Climatology
9 Computer Aided Mapping and Thematic Atlas
10 Contemporary Environmental Issues
11 Contemporary Human Geography
12 Cultural Geography
13 Disaster Management
14 Dry land Farming
15 Economic Geography
16 Electoral Geography
17 Environment and Ecology
18 Environmental Geography
19 Environmental Impact Assessment
20 Evolution of Geographical Thought
21 Field Techniques
22 Food Security System
23 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS
24 Geographical Information System
25 Geographical Thought
26 Geography of Energy
27 Geography of Federalism
28 Geography of my country
29 Geography of Natural Resources
30 Geography of Population
31 Geography of Settlements
32 Geography of Tourism
33 Geomorphology
34 Hydrology and Water Resource Management
35 Land use Planning
36 Natural Hazards and Disaster Management
37 Natural Resource Management
38 Oceanography
39 Political Geography of Central Asia
40 Political Geography of Middle-East
41 Political Geography of my country
42 Principles of Political Geography
43 Regional Development
44 Regional Planning
45 Remote Sensing
46 Rural Development Planning and Policy
47 Social Geography
48 Social Geography of my country
49 Spatial Dimensions of Development
50 Spatial Economic Systems
51 Statistical Methods in Geography
52 Statistical Techniques in Spatial Analysis
53 Systematic Agricultural Geography
54 Urban Geography
55 Urban Impacts on Natural Resources and Environment
56 Urban Settlement System
57 Others