Help in Nanotechnology Engineering and Science Assignment

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     Help in Nanotechnology Engineering & Science Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Advanced Nanomaterials
2 Basic Mathematics
3 Business Enterprise in Nanotechnology
4 Elements of Material Science and properties of Nanomaterials
5 Elements of Physical Chemistry
6 Elements of Physics
7 Fabrication techniques and Characterization of Nanomaterials
8 Molecular Nanoelectronics
9 Nanodevices & Nanosensors
10 Nanoparticles and Microorganisms, Bionanocomposites
11 Nanotechnology & Society
12 Photonics & Plasmonics
13 Scientific Computation & Simulation
14 Scientific Computation & Simulation
15 Semiconductor nanostructures and nanoparticles
16 Soft Synthetic Routes & Some Novel Nanomaterials
17 Solutions & Surface Phenomenon
18 Others