Help in Metallurgical Engineering and Science Assignment

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   Help in Metallurgical Engineering & Science Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):

1 Advances in Casting Processes
2 Biomaterials
3 Casting Design
4 Computational Techniques in Metallurgy
5 Corrosion Engineering
6 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
7 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
8 Entrepreneurship Development
9 Environmental Science and Engineering
10 Experimental Techniques in Metallurgy
11 Finite Element Analysis
12 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
13 Foundry Engineering
14 Fracture and Failure Analysis
15 Heat Treatment
16 High Temperature Materials
17 Instrumentation and Measurements
18 Machine Elements and Machining
19 Mathematics
20 Mechanical Behavior and Testing of Materials
21 Metal Forming Technology
22 Metallurgical Thermodynamics
23 Metallurgy of Castings
24 Metallurgy of Tool Materials
25 Nanotechnology
26 Non Destructive Evaluation of Materials
27 Nonferrous Extraction Metallurgy
28 Nuclear Materials
29 Numerical Methods
30 Operations Research
31 Phase Transformations
32 Polymers and Ceramics
33 Powder Metallurgy
34 Principles of Management
35 Process Planning and Cost Estimation
36 Professional Ethics and Human Values
37 Selection of Materials
38 Special Steels and Nonferrous Alloys
39 Special Welding Processes
40 Strength of Materials
41 Surface Engineering
42 Technology of Iron making
43 Technology of Steel making
44 Total Quality Management
45 Transport Phenomena in Metallurgy
46 Welding Engineering
47 Welding Metallurgy
48 Others