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 Automobile 1      Help in Automobile Engineering Assignment

Some common subject names are mentioned below (also see point 2 above):


1 Applied Thermodynamics
2 Automotive Aerodynamics
3 Automotive Air-conditioning
4 Automotive Chassis
5 Automotive Diesel Engines
6 Automotive Electrical and Electronics
7 Automotive Engines Components Design
8 Automotive Petrol Engines
9 Electronics and Microprocessors
10 Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
11 Environmental Science and Engineering
12 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
13 Fuels and Lubricants
14 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
15 Mathematics
16 Mechanics of Machines
17 Probability and Statistics
18 Professional Ethics and Human Values
19 Strength of Materials
20 Two and Three Wheeled Vehicles
21 Vehicle Body Engineering
22 Vibration and Noise Control
23 Others