Some of the earliest American strikes:

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Question 1

Some of the earliest American strikes:

were led by men.
were led by Irish immigrants.
were led by women over wage cuts.
caused economic problems such as the Panic of 1837.
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Question 2

Between 1800 and 1860, the nature of the middle class family changed because of the decline in the:

size of farms.
rate of births.
number of abortions.
average family income.
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Question 3

Vice president Martin Van Buren won the election of 1836 due to:

the publically accepted belief that the Whig party had caused the Panic of 1837.
the failure of the Whig party to unite behind one single candidate.
the growing unpopularity of Jackson.
his stance on Indian removal.
3 points

Question 4

Which Indian tribe resisted Jackson’s forced removal by involving the court system. This tribe had two cases before the Supreme Court from 1831-1832.

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Question 5

The best known novels of James Fenimore Cooper centered on the theme of:

western expansion.
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Question 6

Following the War of 1812, voting rights of free African American men:

were universal.
were universally denied.
existed somewhat in the North, but many of these states required property ownership.
existed throughout the lower South without any property requirements or stipulations.
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Question 7

Furthering the transportation revolution, the steamboat was introduced to river commerce in 1807 by:
DeWitt Clinton.
Robert Fulton.
Frances Cabot Lowell.
Samuel Morse.
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Question 8

Those who accused John Quincy Adams of a “corrupt bargain” maintained that he:

had lied to the Congressional election panel.
accepted bribes during his presidency.
unethically worked with Clay to secure the presidency.
bribed Congressmen during his presidency.
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Question 9

The Nullification Crises was ended by the Tariff Act of 1833. Who was the author of this piece of legislation?

Andrew Jackson
Henry Clay
Martin Van Buren
John C. Calhoun
3 points

Question 10

Who resigned as vice president and gave up his presidential aspirations because he was a proponent of the “Nullification Doctrine”?

John C. Calhoun
Martin Van Buren
Andrew Jackson
John Quincy Adams
3 points

Question 11

Match the following items:

The concept of interchangeable parts was first realized in gun manufacturing and known by what name? Read Answer Items for Question 11

The religious revival that stressed the achievement of salvation through personal faith. Read Answer Items for Question 11

A leading evangelist in the Second Great Awakening. Read Answer Items for Question 11
A well known spokesman for transcendentalism. Read Answer Items for Question 11
An announcement made in 1836 by Jackson that stated the government would only accept gold or silver payments for land. Read Answer Items for Question 11

A. Baltimore & Ohio
B. Penny Papers
C. Charles Finney
D. Ralph Waldo Emerson
E. The Five Civilized Tribes
F. The Second Great Awakening
G. Transcendentalism
H. American System
I. Thomas Cole
J. Specie Circular

10 points

Question 12

What led to the emergence of an American middle class? How did the structure and nature of the family change with this emergence?

Question 13

During the 1820 and 1830s a distinct American culture began to emerge. What philosophies, artists, and artistic works contributed to this culture? What were the uniquely American themes explored within these works?

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