Write about an article summary on “Process Design”.

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Write about an article summary on “Process Design” using the format below:

Example of the Format for a Reading Synopsis

Article: “Lean process helps Wisconsin system add efficiency to design and construction”

Synopsis: Thedacare, a health system based in Appleton, WI, utilized the 2P process in designing its new $18 million facility. Utilization of lean processes and management and allocating work on the project to the people most capable of completing the job, the project came in at $45,000 under budget. One aspect of the design was in the planning, in which different departments such as nurses, doctors, maintenance, and housekeeping were broken into groups and provided specific data to the design team before any actual design processing began. One of the design process improvements made was in the number of rooms and location of those rooms in relation to a doctor’s offices. Previously it was believed that doctors needed three rooms located next to their office in order to stay productive. The 2P lean design process helped Thedacare realize that rooms did not need to be located near doctors offices, and that different doctors actually needed different amount of rooms in order to obtain best efficiency.

Why Chosen: The article describes lean thinking and lean processing. It describes how Thedacare effectively applied the 2P processing model to their design project, and were able to save money, time, and resources.

Application to Course: The article outlines how planning, and gathering data from individuals and groups who will be most affected by the design can help increase efficiency and productivity of the final design. Also, the article discusses the importance of allocating design work to departments who are most capable of completing the work in order to gain maximum benefit from the design process.

What You Learned: I learned that gathering data prior to the design process, and including those affected by the design process in the planning can be an extremely effective way to increase the overall benefits of the final design.

Your Assessment of the Article’s Content: Simply outsourcing a design agency to complete your design processing for you may not be the most efficient way to approach a project. Actively engaging affected people in the planning appears to provide valuable data pertinent to the efficiency of the design.

Citation: Health Facilities Management. (n.d.). Lean process helps Wisconsin systemadd efficiency to design and construction .Health Facilities Management, Infrastructure, Innovation, Hospital Construction, Hospital Renovations, Architectural Engineering. Retrieved September 26, 2012, from http://www.hfmmagazine.com/hfmmagazine/jsp/articledisplay.jsp?dcrpath=HFMMAGAZINE/Article/data/02FEB2009/0902HFM_UpFront_Design&domain=HFMMAGAZINE

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