Identify and describe the different components inside the system unit.

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1. Identify and describe the different components inside the system unit.
2. Identify and describe the purpose of different ports on a computer.
3. Explain how to use a computer ergonomically.
Detailed Description
Each individual student needs to create his/her own Lab Report using Microsoft Word and submit it on BB. Check BB for submission deadline.
Report should contain the following components:
1. Report Cover listing the name of the person creating this report.
1. Table of Contents (generated by Word)
1. List of Figures (generated by Word)
• The tutorials for Word 2007 will be useful when using Word 2010.
The report should address the following Key items (you can select to organize your report based on each key item below):
Outside of the System Unit
• Front: document your answers to 2 in activity 5. Also insert the picture and label the parts.
1. What openings are on the front of the computer?
2. What kinds of storage media can be used with this computer?
3. Are there any openings for inserting new hard drives?
• Ports: document your answers to 3 in activity 5. Also insert the picture and label the ports.
1. Create a table listing the name of each port, how many available, and what they are used for.
Inside the System Unit
• Motherboard: Include the picture of the motherboard. Label the CPU, adapter slots, memory modules, and at least 2 other items.
• Adapter card: document your answers to 4.ii in activity 5.
1. What adapter cards are in your computer? What are they used for?
2. How much space does the motherboard have for additional adapter cards?
• Include your steps for installing memory. Include and label at least one of the pictures to help illustrate your points.
• Produce a section of your report titled “Ergonomics” that describes the proper computer setup as well as the potential risks if such precautions are ignored. Use the photos about ergonomics that you took when completing the hardware lab to develop this section of the report. This section will outline 10 potential risks and how best to avoid them.
• Create a table that has two columns. In the first column, list the term. In the second column, provide its definition from your textbook.
• Terms to be included in the glossary: port, adapter card, memory, system unit, drive bay, motherboard, adapter slot, hard drive
i. Sort the table alphabetically (A to Z) by the first column.
Formatting counts!
Use the skills covered in class and on MyITLab to make a professional looking document. Remember things such as
• Include document header and footer. Correct page numbers should appear on each page.
• Use heading styles
• Format pictures: use captions, crop unnecessary parts, insert shapes to emphasize certain parts of the picture
• Proofread so that there are no spelling or grammar errors
• Format tables: consider using one of the built-in designs, select appropriate column and row width.

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