What were Nau’s founders’ primary motivations for founding Nau?

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“What were Nau’s founders’ primary motivations for founding Nau?
What kind of entrepreneurial’s Nau?
How do you feel about management’s decision to give a percentage of the firm’s sales to charity? Describe the pros and cons of such a decision.
Nau’s owners think of their clothing line as part Patagonia ( http://www.prada.com) and part Prada (http://www.prada.com). Review the websites of these two companies. What do you believe Nau’s owners saw in Patagonia and Prada that was relevant to their idea for a startup?
Describe Nau’s competitive advantage.
What characteristics of successful entrepreneurs do the founders embody?
What mistakes do you believe Nau’s management made in executing their strategy?
Do you believe it was a wise decision for Nau to partner with Horny Toad? Why or why not?

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